Friday, July 6, 2012

Name, Email, Website

I have recently started following quite a few blogs on a consistent basis.  Not surprisingly, a few times I have wanted to comment and have found that many ask not only for your name and email, but for a website, too.  This is evidently a "thing".  I didn't have a website, I don't know that many people that do.  I have WANTED a website, I've tried to blog a couple of times, but had a difficult time thinking of anything interesting to say. 

But here it is.  THIS is the corner of the web I have declared as mine! It will be collection of what I find interesting, funny, smart, stupid, clever and whatever.  Perhaps I will eventually write that finance book or mystery novel.  Whatever it will be, it will be. 

I am dedicating myself to this, something that is finally just mine, to be for me...and you, I guess, if you decide you'd like to stay.  Just remember, I will need your name, email and website.

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