Monday, July 9, 2012

The Cold, Cruel Finger of Doubt

There are times when you feel so inspired, so right, and oh so perfectly perfect with an idea that it seems it can't possible fail and how could you have been so blind not to see it before now.

And, then...with the weight of silence, zero feedback, no response from those that have been sought for their input and the dead eye stare when one finally receives a connection...doubt begins to squeeze.

My life is average, but I seek to make it more.  My life is very good and I seek to recognize and appreciate it more.  My potential is great, and I seek to make something wonderful happen.  I have had many flashes of inspiration, of insight and of "the next great thing".  All tossed to the side, either in recognition of their flaws or in frustration and impatience. 

A work in progress, must be recognized as both WORK and PROGRESS.  To steadily toil at something is neither futile nor desperate, but admirable.  I should remember this and if the work along the way brings some joy to my heart, all the better, no matter the outcome.

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