Monday, August 20, 2012

Stumbling to a Better Life

While using StumbleUpon, I found this interesting site called High Existence.  It has links to different blog posts, discussion boards, etc.  I admit, some don't really appeal to me, but then some just reach up and grab me.

This post on 8 TEDtalks That Could Change Your Life Forever, was not an oversell. I love these 20 minute glimpses into the worlds of science, technology, human condition, and all the rest.  They are just enough to peak  pique my interest and send me searching for more.  Dr. Brene' Brown's talk (#2 on the list above) did just that.

I have been in a state lately, reading Dr. Brene' Brown's work.  She is a researcher storyteller and she studies what I would call the human condition.  She is/was a social worker and has done interesting work delving into shame and vulnerability and how that translates into our lives - for better or for worse. 

It has been eye opening to begin to identify the way these conditions affect lives and how releasing them allows us to move through them.  I won't pretend to have the ability to distill her life's work down into a few lines on my blog, but if any of the above sound interesting to you, please take a few minutes and listen to her talk or check out her website. 

As a parent, wife, member of society and a human being that has to live with myself on a daily basis, I am forever grateful that I have discovered a new perspective and way of looking at myself and the world.

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