Sunday, August 12, 2012

Something you love

I know all about what to do when I have something I love:  Make it my work, get up early so I have time, embrace it.  The problem is finding what the hell it is I love!  I see statements like the one below and I am encouraged and discouraged at the same time.  I have participated in activities that have both energized and drained me.  It was hard work, but work that I loved, that I felt made a difference. But then the need ended and other parts of life got in the way - moving, kids, no longer a need.  And that is frustrating.

I also have a short attention span.  I never realized this before, but apparently my son MAY have gotten the AD part of his ADHD from me.  If things get tedious and I can see no end or logic or reason to continue on a path, I am ready to throw in the towel.  Even though something great maybe around the corner.  Then this image haunts me:

So, I guess I will keep looking.  I will work on making positive statements.  I will enjoy each day and try to learn something new.  I will find a goal and work towards it.  I will expand my mind and shrink my negativity. 

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